Car Battery Tips & Tricks


A car battery is the one which helps the vehicle to start up and continue running. The electrical energy necessary to make the car work is stored in the battery. You should give regular maintenance and testing schedule to your car battery. Today many car battery shops dubai are providing regular car battery services so it is not a difficult task for you to do a car battery service in dubai. In the same way as you are doing a car oil change or car wash in dubai you should also do car battery service. Here are some car battery tips and tricks that will help you out:

Baking soda

Using baking soda you can avoid the corrosive buildup on your car’s battery terminals. Clean your terminals using a tooth brush and mixture of 3 tablespoon of baking soda and one table spoon of water.

Epsom Salt

If your car battery is starting to sound as if it won’t turn over then give it a little more life. This can be done by dissolving an ounce of Epsom salt in warm water and add it to each battery cell.

Petroleum Jelly

Low temperatures increase electrical resistance and thicken engine oil, making the battery work harder. So there are chances for your car battery to die on cold winter days. So before the winter starts disconnect the terminals and clean them with a wire brush. Reconnect, and then smear with petroleum jelly. The jelly will prevent corrosion and help keep the battery cranking all winter long.


If your car battery dies in the middle of the road then this will make the magic. You can get your vehicle started by dropping two aspirin tablets into the battery itself. The aspirin’s acetylsalicylic acid will combine with the battery’s sulfuric acid to produce one last charge. This will help you to reach nearby service station.


This can also be used to eliminate the corrosion from your car battery. The acidic property of soda pop will do this. You can do this by pouring some soda over the battery terminals and allow it to sit. Remove the sticky residue with a wet sponge.

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