Cars need regular and proper maintenance to keep running smoothly. The first and the easiest thing anyone can do is to check the fluids to ensure your car stays healthy. Your car requires a variety of fluids to ensure maximum performance, safety and longevity. You should regularly check it for a smooth ride. Here the highly trained experts of ZDEGREE, car service dubai discuss with you about the fluids that you should check on a regular basis.

Engine Oil

You should have regular engine oil check. The best time to check this fluid is before the vehicle is started for the day. In most of the vehicle you can simply lift and secure the hood of your car, then locate, remove and wipe off the oil dipstick. Once it’s clean, put it back in and remove again to see the current oil level. This will help you to know whether you need an oil change or not.

Engine Coolant

Engine coolant runs throughout your vehicle’s engine, helping to regulate the temperature. It will absorb the heat and transfers it to the radiator, where it’s cooled and then re-circulated. The engine coolant helps to prevent accumulation, lubricate water pumps, protect against freezing and improve heat transfer. Our expert technician of car mechanical repair dubai recommend you to flush and replace your engine coolant once every two years.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid keeps all the gears running smoothly. It is also essential to the performance and safety of your vehicle. Transmission repair or replacement can quickly become a costly, so always be careful about it. So it is good to flush your transmission fluid every 100,000 km says the mechanical specialist of ZDEGREE, car mechanical repair dubai.

Brake Fluid

This doesn’t need a routine check but it’s good to check the levels at each oil change. If the fluid is black or a dark-reddish color it indicates that it needs to be replaced.

Power Steering

Power steering fluid helps to make steering the vehicle easy and safe. If you apply more effort on steering than usual, it indicates that your fluid is low and need to be changed.

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