Signs that you need new brakes!

Brakes are the most important features to ensure safety and optimal vehicle performance. Do you know how to detect when there is a problem with your brake? Or how to know when you need new brakes? Let’s look at the warning signs that you need new brakes!

Brake Service in Dubai

Unusual Noise

If you hear your brakes make some grinding noise when you use them, it’s a sign that they need a replacement or adjustment. These noises indicate that your brake worn may need to be replaced.

Brake warning lights

Brake Service in Dubai

If your brake warning light on your dashboard lights up, it means that you are running on low brake fluid. Low fluid indicates that there is a leak somewhere in your brake lines.


If your car pulls to one side when applying brakes, it could mean that your brakes are unbalanced. There is a fluid leakage or brakes are worn out and need to be replaced.

Pedal problems

If your brakes are spongy or hard to pull down, it means air has gotten into the brake lines.

Bad vibrations

If you feel any vibrations on steering wheels, brake pedal or the entire vehicle, when you apply brakes, it shows the brake rotors deformed need replacement.

If you notice above symptoms, take your car to Zdegree and check the brakes immediately. At Zdegree we offer complete brake service including brake pads, examine the wear and tear of the brake lining, check the brake fluid level and brakes lines, rotor thickness, and dash warning lights.


Brake Service in Dubai

ZDEGREE is the leading auto maintenance service company in Dubai, UAE.We offer the best brake service package for our customers. The package includes brake inspection, repair and replacement services for brakes, rotors, brake pads and fluid level check. Come and experience our services. Get the perfect services at an affordable rate from Zdegree!


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