Types of Brakes

The braking system in your vehicle is the most important safety measures that it has. It must be maintained at all times to ensure the safety of the people in your vehicle and safety of everyone on the road.

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There are different types of brakes both between vehicles and within a vehicle. The brakes that are used to stop while driving is known as service brakes, which are either a disc or drum brake. Vehicles also come equipped with other braking systems including anti-lock and emergency brakes.

Different Types of Brakes!

Disc Brakes

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It consists of a disc brake rotor which is attached to the wheel and a caliper, which hold the disc brake pads.

Drum Brakes

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It consists of a brake drum attached to the wheel, a wheel cylinder, brake shoes and brake return springs.

Emergency Brake

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All vehicles are equipped with a secondary braking system known as emergency or parking brakes. Emergency brakes are independent of the service brakes and not powered by hydraulics. Parking brakes use cables to mechanically apply the brakes. Emergency brakes are most often used as a parking brake to help keep a vehicle stationary while parked. They are also used in emergency situations in case the other brake system fails.

Anti-Lock Brake


Computer- Controlled anti braking systems (ABS) is an important safety feature which is equipped on most newer vehicles. When brakes are applied suddenly, ABS prevents the wheels from locking up and the tires from skidding. The system monitors of each wheel and automatically pulses the brake pressure on and off rapidly on any wheels where skidding is detected.

This is very beneficial for driving on wet and slippery roads.ABS works with the service brakes to decrease stopping distance and increase control and stability of the vehicle during hard braking.

Brakes should be regularly inspected, Brake maintenance not only ensure the functionality and safety but also help to ensure a longer lifespan of your braking system. Let’s ensure your safety while driving by getting the proper maintenance from Zdegree. Our brake maintenance including car brakes replacement dubai, car brake pad replacement, brake pad change dubai.Come and experience our services.


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