Air conditioning system problems!

The function of an air conditioner is to maintain the life environment in a comfortable condition. The air conditioner is a standard feature in most vehicles. However, when you take your vehicle to routine checkup or repair, the priority is the main parts of your vehicle. Air conditioner maintenance is also important. By a proper maintenance, you can save your money. Unless it will make a huge loss!

AC maintanence in Dubai

Let see the common car AC problems you should check for:

Is The Air Cooling?

Your car’s AC system may not be cooling for many reasons but some of the most frequent causes are:

Low refrigerant level

Broken condenser

The compressor has cracked or damaged belt, defective clutch, inactive pressure switches.

Do you hear a strange Noise?

Noise usually comes from a dying compressor, but some other common causes can be a cross-contaminated refrigerant or the use of the wrong lubricant.

Does it feel moist inside the vehicle?

The main cause for moist air inside your car is usually moisture or waste trapped inside your car conditioning system.

Does the Air Smell?

When your car’s air conditioning system has not been used for a while, microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus can begin to populate and produce a foul smell.

Is something leaking?

Watch for leaks coming from your AC system since leaking refrigerant is a dangerous chemical that can harm the environment as well as your car’s engine.

Car AC maintenance in Dubai

It is essential to have an air conditioning system in your vehicle. Also, the maintenance of AC system is very important. Get a perfect Car AC maintenance from Zdegree and enjoy your journey! At Zdegree we offer A/C performance check to keep your vehicle cold during summer. Our qualified technicians examine the air conditioning system and its performance.


Zdegree is the leading automotive service maintenance company in Dubai. If you are looking for any car service in Dubai, then come to Zdegree. We offer all types of car maintenance services like tire services, battery services and other car services.


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