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Oil change is one of the most important auto maintenance procedures to keep your car perfect. Oil is an important part of your vehicle. It helps to move together every part effectively and smoothly. Your engine needs oil to maintain engine lubrication, improve gas mileage, promotes vehicle longevity and cools engine components. Zdegree is the best car service center in Dubai. Here our experts share some important points regarding oil change.

Importance of Oil change

  • Reduce friction, Maintain lubrication

Oil is the main ingredient to proper engine work. New oil acts as a cleansing tool. So you should change engine oil after a period of time. Regular oil change keeps your engine clean and avoids engine problems.

  • Gas mileage

Regularly scheduled oil change promotes gas mileage. Poor engine lubrication leads to high fuel consumption. So it is important to change engine oil regularly.

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  • Vehicle longevity

Simple, scheduled auto maintenance makes your car lifelong.  Proper oil change improves vehicle longevity. Clean oil helps to engine work hard and save fuel consumption.

  • Cools engine components

Clean and sufficient amount of oil makes your engine perfect. Lack of lubrication creates heat; it will damage your vehicle life. Regular oil change is the main solution for avoiding over heat.

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Zdegree is the best car service dubai al quoz. We have an expert team for the vehicle maintenance service. Zdegree have years of experience in automotive maintenance industry. We provide cheapest car services in dubai. Zdegree sells best and brand tires.



  1. I agree with you that changing the oil regularly maintains the cleanliness of the engine which then helps in avoiding engine problems. Recently, I bought a pre-owned luxury vehicle which I noticed is still in mint condition. I assumed that it might be because of regularly conducted maintenance. It might be a good idea to do the same thing. Thanks for sharing this!


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