The importance of tires on your car!

Tires are one of the most important parts of a car. They are the main contact with your vehicle has with the road. A good tire helps to improve the performance of your car. Many people fail to realize that tires require regular maintenance for them to continue at peak.

Tire service in Dubai

Check the conditions of your tire at least once in three months or every time before you are going on a long journey! If you are looking a tire service in Dubai, Come to Zdegree. We are the leading tire service center in Dubai, provides the best service to the customers.

Our experts share with you some tips to keep your tires in a good, safe operating condition and improve tyre life.

Tyre Pressures

Keeping your tire and the correct pressure is a major part of prolonging tire life and performance.

Keeping your tires inflated properly not only helps provide maximum contact with the road. But also increases fuel economy and reduces road noise.

Tyres in Dubai

Tyre Tread

Tyre tread is designed to disperse water and improve grip on the road. The design of the tread pattern allows the tires to grip the road, improving safety and handling even in adverse conditions.

Tires need to be checked regularly to ensure there is sufficient tread depth left and to make sure there are no punctures or visible damage to the tire.

Finding your tire size

Locating the size description on your tires is a simple process. You can see a series of numbers on the side wall of the tyre, which will give you on the tire size of your vehicle. For Example 205/65R16 92H

Tyres in Dubai

Tire rotation

Having your tires rotated and balanced at regular intervals will increase the life of the tire. It allows the tires on both front and rear will wear evenly and prevent any wheel vibration at higher speeds.

Myzdegree , Dubai

If you want to check the life of your tire, come to Zdegree and get the best services. We also offer tire alignment, Tire fitting, tire rotation, tire change, tire maintenance and extra. If you want to buy new tires, then buy it from Zdegree and get a free alignment!


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