Get the best auto detailing Service from Zdegree, Dubai!

Auto Detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning of your vehicle and it’s going through a step-by-step process to restore its beauty.

An automated car wash is a facility used to clean the entire portion of the car with the help of advanced machines. Car washing is an essential function of preventive maintenance, the car wash is a facility used to clean the interior and exterior of your car. It keeps your car looking new! If you are looking for a car wash service in Dubai, Zdegree is the best option for you.

Car wash Service

We are the leading car wash service center in Dubai offers the best and top services to the customers. As we know that there are many advantages for an automated car wash than a normal car wash. Let’s look at those.

Advantages of an automated car wash!

  • Lower Water Consumption
  • Less wastewater
  • Less wear and tear on vehicles
  • Saving time=Saving money

car detailing

Lower Water Consumption

Using the sponge and hose method can require a shocking 150 gallons of water even when you make an effort to conserve resources. However, an automated carwash systems use an average of 35 gallons per vehicle, which is more efficient.

Less wastewater

When you wash vehicles on site, all of the water you used is sent down the sewers or absorbed into the ground, along with any cleaning agents that you have used. This can contaminate soil and groundwater supplies. Automated Car Washes reclaim their wastewater, cleaning and reusing it for maximum efficiency.

Car wash service

Less wear & Tear

When you gently scrub your car by hands-on car washing, it will cause scratches in the finish of your car. Touch less and brushless automatic car washes clean with high-pressure water power which keeps your finish newer for longer.

At Zdegree we provide a professional car detailing in Dubai, UAE to give your vehicle new look. We offer detailing packages based on vehicle size. By providing cleaning, polishing and protecting exterior, interior, engine bay of the car and bringing its condition to showroom level quality. Come and experience our services.


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