Buy tires from Zdegree and get the free Services!

Tires are the most important part of every vehicle and it is the only part that touches the road. So the tire provides the fundamental link between the road and the vehicle. So if you are looking your safety rather than money, then buy perfect tires for your car. Having good tires on your car can improve your fuel economy, handling, and your overall safety. So always choose a high-quality tire for your car.


Zdegree is one of the leading car service centers and tyre dealers in Dubai, provide the best service to the customers. In our service center, we provide the services for brakes, battery, tires, car wash service, electrical and mechanical service and extra.

There are some advantages of buying new tires for your car.

  1. Ensure the safety
  2. Provide better Traction
  3. Better Mileage
  4. Comfortable Drive

Zdegree provides a MOBILE VAN SERVICE for the customers. Order tires online and you can enjoy the convenience offered by the Mobile Van Service. We have highly trained staffs who will replace the tires including wheel balancing, nitrogen filling and tire fitting at your doorstep.Tire services in Dubai

If you need new tires for your car then come to Zdegree and buy the top brand tires for your car.    Our experts will help you to choose the right tire for your car. We are the leading car tire dealers in UAE, Supplying the top brand tires like Pirelli, Roadstone, Bridgestone, Toyo tires and lots more. Our tire experts suggest some tips that you will find useful in purchasing new tires for your car.When you buy tires from Zdegree we offer free balancing and fitting!Come to Zdegree and experience our service.


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