Types Of Tyres

Tire is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Tire is the only part of the car that actually touches the ground and makes the car accelerate, stop, and turn. There are many types of tires available in the market today. At ZDEGREE we find many customers who are confused to buy the Tires in Dubai for their vehicle. Here the tire specialist of ZDEGREETyre Shop Dubai discuss with you about the types of tyres Dubai.

Tyres Dubai
Tyres in Dubai

All-Season Tires

All season tires come in S and T speed ratings. These tires are good in all-weather grip and have long mileage. These are commonly fit to mainstream cars and SUVs.

Ultra High Performance all Season and Summer Tires

These tires come in ZR, W, and Y speed ratings for sports cars and performance sedans. A summer tire would not have an M&S (Mud & Snow) designation on the sidewall.

Performance All-Season Tires 

These tires come in H and V speed rating.  This kind of tires have better cornering grip than S and T speed rated all season tires, but performance tires may not wear as long.

All Season and all Terrain Truck Tires

These tires come in large sizes and are mainly designed for the hauling and towing duties of light-duty pickups and SUVs. These tires have a more aggressive tread pattern to aid off-road traction.

Winter/Snow Tires

These tires are identified by a mountain and snowflake symbol displayed on the sidewall of the tire. When you buy these tires, be sure to buy winter tires in sets of four to optimize braking and handling.

Tyres in dubai
Tyres Dubai

Get the best tyres Dubai at ZDEGREE. We provide quality new tires Dubai at our Car Recover Dubai service center. We are the best Tyre Shop in Dubai. We have a large collection of Pirelli tyres Dubai and Pirelli tyres Abu Dhabi. 

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